Questions for the Doctor

Metastic Breast Cancer – Questions to Ask Your Doctor

  1. Where else in my body has the cancer been found –
  2. Lungs, Bones, Brain, and Liver?
  3. What stage is the cancer?
  4. What is My Prognosis (survival)? Please be specific!
  5. What is the cancer sub type?
  6. Is surgery an option?
  7. What treatment can I expect?
  8. What are the treatment options for my cancer?
  9. Systemic Therapy (chemo)?
  10. Targeted Therapy
  11. Hormonal Therapy?
  12. Which options do your recommend?
  13. What are the side effects of the treatment? How long will they last?
  14. What additional Tests are needed?
  15. Are there risks involved with the tests?
  16. How long do I have to make my treatment decision?
  17. Are there clinical trials available to me?
  18. Where do I find out about clinical trials?
  19. Will there be a lot of pain? How will the pain be managed?
  20. If treatment needs to end who will guide me on the decision?
  21. Are we looking at Palliative Care?
  22. What is involved with Palliative Care?
  23. Who will help me?
  24. Will there be support for my family?
  25. Does my insurance cover everything?