About Heidi’s Heroes – What We’re all About

I’m sure you are wondering what is Heidi’s Heroes all about.

Heidi Garland founder of Heidi's Heroes

Heidi Garland founder of Heidi’s Heroes

WHO is Heidi?

I am Heidi Garland a breast cancer survivor and advocate in the fight to find better cancer treatment options while we work aggressively towards finding a cure.

I support and empower those going through the most difficult journey in their lives. Giving up is never an option. I fight for those who can’t and fight with those who can! My battle(s) with cancer have given me a new purpose and to quote Mark Twain,

“There are two important days in your life, the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Cancer gave me my WHY.

What or actually WHO are Heidi’s Heroes?

Heidi’s Heroes started simply as a team name for my Making Strides Against Breast Cancer fundraising team. The important word is HERO; these unique individuals who are my heroes are people with incredible strength, courage and those dedicated to a cause that’s important to me. They are my heroes thus becoming Heidi’s Heroes.

To be one of my (Heidi’s) Heroes you have either battled cancer, or are currently battling cancer; you have provided support in other ways for either cancer patients, thru fundraising or in a way that makes a substantial impact on the battle against breast cancer or cancer in general.

I am passionate about supporting those battling cancer along their journey providing encouragement, support and a knowing shoulder to cry on.

When I look into the eyes of a family member who’s just lost a loved one to breast cancer and I promise to carry on and hopefully finish the fight. Sometimes I’ve been told that it’s too late for their loved one and I see the pain in their eyes…that hurts! I will fight on in their honor!

I am Heidi and these are my Heroes!